Colora : Portable Color Picker for Windows

Colora is an open-source color picker and custom palette creator for Windows. It can be used for picking color from anywhere on the screen easily. It comes in both installer and portable packages.

The user interface of Colora provides for three level expansions. In the default configuration, it acts like a regular color picker. You can click on the cross-hair icon and then move your mouse pointer anywhere on your screen. It will display the color of the pixel where your mouse pointer resides. This way you can grab the color from any picture, any website or even a video being played on your screen. In its settings, you can set a hotkey that can be used to grab the color without even having the Colora window in the foreground.


In the regular mode, it will display the RGB values of the selected color and the HEX code that can be used in various languages such as HTML. But if you want to know the color in different color models then you can expand the “More color models” section. It will display the same color in RGB, HSB, HSL and CMYK systems. You can copy these values to the clipboard for use in other applications.

Apart from picking the color from your screen, you can also choose colors from the standard color dialog that you have been using in Windows. All the colors that you work with, whether you picked them from your screen pixels, you manually selected them by changing the color model values, or you selected them from the standard color dialog, will be added to the color history section. You can expand this section to edit the history – add or remove the colors and then turn them into a color palette.


Colora comes with a color palette editor in which you can add colors of your choice and then save them into a color palette file (*.col) which can later be opened and used to select the colors that you have worked with before. These color palette files are great for saving your colors for one project for later use.

Colora is a small and portable color picker and palette creator application for Windows. It has versatile uses from picking color values off your screen to preparing color palettes for your graphics projects.

You can download Colora from