Change Volume Level in Chrome Browser with Volume Master

When you are listening to really good music or watching a blockbuster movie on your Chrome web browser, one thing sometimes spoils the experience – the low audio level coming from the video. You can turn the volume in your operating system to the full, even then it does not seem to be loud enough. You can obviously hook up the audio cable coming from your PC to a 100W audio amplifier, but that is not possible all the time.

One other way to boost the audio being played in your Chrome browser is through a web browser extension called Volume Master. This extension can be used both for changing the volume level and for boosting the audio volume. You can lower the volume to anywhere between 0 and 100 as usual. But you can also boost the volume level to anywhere from 100 to 600 (be careful, it gets really loud at 600).

Volume Master for Chrome

After installing the Volume Master extension in Chrome, you can see its icon in the omnibar. When you are listening to audio or watching a video, you can click on the Volume Master icon and then use the slider bar to change the volume level from anywhere between 0 to 600. You can control the volume of not only the currently active tab in Chrome browser but also other tabs where the audio is being played.

Once you have changed the volume level using Volume Master, it will display the volume level right on the Volume Master icon in the omnibar. If you have not change the volume level before using Volume Master, then this volume level will not be displayed.

Volume Master for Chrome

Some computers these days come with ear protection software that automatically lowers the volume level back to a safe range even if you try to increase the volume level beyond 100%. If your PC has this feature enabled, then you have to turn it off before you can actually experience the increase in the volume level through Volume Master.

You can get the Volume Master from