FlightGear : Realistic Free Flight Simulator for PC

FlightGear is an open-source free flight simulation software for multiple platforms. It works on Windows, Linux, macOS, and other platforms. Compared to Microsoft Flight Simulator, it does not have very high system requirements.

If you have never been inside the pilot’s cabin before then you are likely to love this simulator. With the help of the FlightGear, you can finally know how it actually feels like to fly a large jet or a small airplane up in the sky. The best thing about FlightGear is that you do not have to buy any licenses, join any airplane clubs, or wait for your turn to fly the airplanes. You do not even have to own or rent an airplane. All you have to do is download FlightGear and install it on your computer. For Windows computers, the download is nearly 2 GB and it works really smoothly even on moderate level computers.


FlightGear comes with a manual of its own. So even if you have no idea how to start, control and take off the airplane, you can always learn using this manual. This manual is available in PDF, so you can print the important pages that define the control keys. Based on the experience of others, it might take some time before you can enjoy flying the airplanes without looking back and forth in the manual again and again. But the high quality graphics and the true-to-life quality simulation are two things that will surely keep you going in the direction of learning.

For Windows PC users, the basic download package is only 1.9 GB in size. Using this package, you can learn how to fly the airplanes. Once you have exhausted the basic package, you can download more graphics, terrains, aircrafts and airports from the FlightGear website.

You can download FlightGear from https://www.flightgear.org/.