CrococryptMirror : Mirror Entire Folders in Encrypted Format

CrococryptMirror is a container based encryption tool for Windows. It allows you to create containers and any files added to that container are automatically encrypted. It uses very high level encryption ciphers like AES that ensures that your data stays safe and secure.

After installation of CrococryptMirror, you have to create a password based keyfile that is used to create and access the containers in which the files are saved. You have to save this keyfile in a secure location as without this keyfile, you won’t be able to decrypt your files in any situation.

One of the touted features of CrococryptMirror is that it is able to mirror the selected directories into a selected container. Your regular folders remain just like before, but their mirrored version inside the container is both encrypted and compressed. The files between the source folder and the container can be synchronized at any time using manual or automatic methods.


The automatic syncing of the files requires that you install CrococryptMirror on your system. This creates an AutoSync service on Windows and this service monitors the source folders for any changes. As soon as it detects any changes made to the source folders, it updates the encrypted files in the container too.

CrococryptMirror can be used as a backup solution to store your files inside the encrypted containers. You can also use it to encrypt folders before store them on the cloud storage provided by the likes of Dropbox. Since it also comes in a portable version, you can also use it as portable backup solution for storing encrypted folders on a USB pendrive or portable external hard drive.


CrococryptMirror is an interesting tool that has many uses for everyday PC users. It provides very high grade encryption like the AES and Twofish.

You can download CrococryptMirror from