Emupedia : Play Old Games from 90s Inside Web Browser

Emupedia is an attempt to preserve classic old video games from the 90s and even before that. It differs from other projects because it provides these video games ready to be played from within your web browser. There is no need to install anything, you can just visit the Emupedia website and start playing the games.

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, then you are going to love Emupedia as you can relive your old days once again. On Emupedia, you can find all of these games at the click of a button. Some of these games are from 90s but some appear to be from late 70s. These games are not necessarily PC games but were originally run on game consoles.


When you first visit Emupedia website, it will give you a choice to pick an operating system theme from Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows Millennium. These are operating systems from Microsoft that were once very popular. It actually does not run any virtual operating system but only uses a desktop theme from those systems.


On the desktop screen of these systems you will find the shortcuts of all the games and applications from the old time. Some of the popular applications like Microsoft Notepad, Microsoft Paint and Winamp music player have found place on these desktops. Classic games of all sorts are also there.


In order to play the games, you have to double-click on their shortcuts just as you would do on a real Windows desktop screen. They use either the games being run in the virtual environments like DOSBox or use open-source alternatives of those games. I tried playing the Pong game that was released in 1972 but it seems to be quite a challenge.

You can play classic games using Emupedia by visiting https://emupedia.org/beta/emuos/.


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