InstaMonitr : Manage What is Displayed on the Secondary Monitor

When you connect two or more monitors to your Windows PC, you can control them from the system settings. Basically, you can arrange them in an order and label these monitors, you can duplicate the screen on these monitors, you can extend the screen on the connected monitors and so on. While these options are enough for many users, some users desire much more control over the content that is displayed on the secondary or tertiary monitors connected to a Windows PC.

InstaMonitr is a multi-monitor application for Windows that can help you control and manage the content that is displayed on the extra monitors connected to your PC. From its user interface, you can choose whether to display the entire desktop, part of the desktop, window area, clipboard, or slide show on the secondary monitor. You can even display a scrolling text just like the news ticker you see on TV news channels.


If you want to display a slideshow on the secondary monitor, you do not need PowerPoint, you can use InstaMonitr. You will have to create JPEG images containing the slide contents. Then you can use the InstaMonitr slide show feature and add all of these JPEG images, configure the frequency and time and start the slide-show.


Just like the slide show, a scrolling text can also be customized. You can choose the font face, font size, background color, foreground color and the scrolling speed. With correct combination of the fonts and colors, this scrolling text looks very nice and could be used to convey some important or urgent message.


There are hotkeys assigned for various actions so that you can control the secondary monitor quickly. It also allows you to control the application though its system tray icon. You can start, stop or mirror the primary monitor on the secondary monitor easily through this.

You can download InstaMonitr from