Fancy AppLock : Password Protect Any App in Android

Has it happened to you that the moment you left your smartphone on the table to attend to some urgent matter, your friends or relatives picked it up and started checking your messages, apps and other things? By the time you come back, they have gone through all the contents of your phone and dialed out to a bunch of numbers that are going to cost you dearly on that month’s mobile phone bill. In-laws are notorious for doing things like this.

If you want to protect your privacy, then you can protect all of your apps using an app lock app like Fancy AppLock. It is a protection app for Android smartphones. It provides password, pattern or PIN protection for any app installed on your Android smartphone. For making this app work, you have to give it certain permissions in Android – the ability to draw over other apps and to monitor other apps running on your phone. These permissions are necessary so that AppLock can ask for the password and prevent access to other apps when someone tried to launch them.

Fancy Applock

In the Fancy AppLock interface, you have to choose which of the apps are to be locked. Afterwards, you have to define the type of lock to be used – pattern or PIN. Then you can proceed and lock the selected apps. The locked apps will not be allowed to be used unless you supply the correct PIN or pattern.

Fancy Applock

Fancy AppLock provides a moderate level of security for your Android smartphone. You can use it to protect your phone from the kids and strangers. For example, if someone asks for your phone to make an emergency call, you can lock all the other apps and let them use only the phone dialer app.

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  1. Hi Trisha, I use this application on my one plus Phone and i personally like this app for lock to other apps. I suggest all to use this app for protect other apps in android. Great blog and keep going!

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