FRSPasty : Clipboard Management Software for Windows

Windows comes with a temporary memory holding space called clipboard. Anything you copy in Windows, whether it is a file, folder, text, image, or anything else, is copied to the Windows clipboard. Unfortunately, the clipboard memory in Windows is rather limited by design. This clipboard is designed to hold only one item at a given time. If you try to copy something new, Windows overwrites the older contents of clipboard with the newer data. So if you had some important text copied to the clipboard, and then accidentally you copy a new text, your old text in the clipboard will be replaced by the newly copied text. There is no way of recovering your older data from Windows clipboard.

This is why many users prefer to use clipboard management software such as FRSPasty. It is a small and simple clipboard management utility for Windows computers. It can keep the contents of clipboard in memory even after the Windows clipboard content has been replaced or blanked by the user. This helps the user to quickly recover the older clipboard content from the FRSPasty interface.


FRSPasty has a single window user interface where you are given a list on the left side and a content preview on the right side. All the objects that you copy to the clipboard are copied to FRSPasty and kept in the left side list. You can select any of these objects from the list and it will display their preview in the right side. You can choose to delete these objects, keep them across various application sessions or copy them back the Windows clipboard. There are some hotkeys assigned for these actions for faster operation.

FRSPasty can help you manage clipboard data better. It can be used when you cannot risk losing data copied to the clipboard in Windows. Unlike some other similar software it does not support syncing or cloud storage. All the entries captured by FRSPasty are easily accessible to any user without any security protection which is something undesired in a business or work environment.

You can download FRSPasty from