How to Create Super Hidden Files in Windows 10

Super hidden files are the files that are not shown in Windows File Explorer even if you have enabled the “Show hidden files” setting in File Explorer. Actually super-hidden files is a more popular term for what Microsoft calls protected system files.

You can make any file in Windows a super hidden file just by changing its attributes. In the newer versions of Windows File Explorer, it does not allow the users to change the attributes needed to make a file super hidden. This is because making a file super hidden is not really needed by a standard user and only the operating system has the necessity of making files super hidden.

Nevertheless, we can create file super-hidden in Windows 10 using these methods:

1. Using FAR Manager

  1. Download and install FAR Manager from
  2. Launch FAR Manager and select the file that you want to make super hidden.
  3. Press Ctrl+A to popup the attributes management console.
  4. Select System and Hidden attributes and then Save the settings.Create Super Hidden Files
  5. This is it, now your selected file has become super-hidden. It won’t be visible in Windows File Explorer without making special efforts.

2. Using command-prompt

  1. Open the folder where the file resides that you want to make super hidden.
  2. Press Alt+D and type cmd.exe and then press Enter.Create Super Hidden Files
  3. In the command prompt window that opens, give command attrib +S +H test.txt where test.txt is the file that you want to make super hidden. You should change test.txt with the file name of the file that you desire to become supper hidden.

Using these methods, you can easily change any file’s status to super hidden. These files can always be viewed in FAR Manager but not in Windows File Explorer. In order to view these files in File Explorer, you have to either remove their super-hidden status or change File Explorer settings.


  1. I tried it, but when you chose “show hidden items” on windows explorer, the folder appears… So not useful… 🙁

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