How to Remove or Change Primary Password in Firefox Browser

If you have already set the primary password in your Firefox browser, then you know that every and each time you try to login to a website, the primary password entry window pops up. Even when you access the saved logins from Firefox settings (by visiting about:logins), it asks you to enter your primary password at each step. It can become a big nuisance pretty fast especially if you are not really saving any important logins in Firefox. In these cases, you may remove the primary password and save yourself from the annoyance.

Here is how you can remove or change the primary password for Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox browser, click on the menu icon and select Options from the menu.Firefox Primary Password
  2. Select Privacy and Security from the Firefox options screen.
  3. Under the Logins and Passwords section, click on the button labeled Change Primary Password.Firefox Primary Password
  4. A new window will open where you have to enter your current primary password and the new primary password two times. If you want remove the primary password, leave the place for new password blank. if you want to change the primary password, you have to enter the new password twice.Firefox Primary Password
  5. A confirmation message will appear informing you that you have successfully changed the password. If you have removed the password, then it will inform you that you have deleted your primary password.Firefox Primary Password

Sometimes saving the passwords in the Firefox browser can be avoided altogether by using third-party password managers. There are many good password management tools available that you can find on this website easily by searching for “password manager” ( The benefit of using these password managers is that they can save the passwords in heavily encrypted files and some of them can even store them on cloud storage. These password managers have plugins or extensions for the web browsers so that you can access your passwords easily from withing the web browsers.