SetupVPN : Free VPN Service with Unlimited Bandwidth

When you have to hide your IP address or prevent being tracked, you can use a good VPN server. Almost all the security vendors like F-Secure, Avast, Norton, McAfee etc., provide a good VPN server with their paid products. But if you are looking for a free VPN server, then you can try SetupVPN. This VPN service is available for almost all the platforms such as Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. The web browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are also available.

If you want the VPN server to be available for all applications and apps in your Windows PC, then you should install the VPN software meant for your operating system such as Windows. However, if you want the VPN just in your web browser, then you should use the browser extensions available for Firefox, Chrome or Edge.

SetupVPN for Firefox

When you install Firefox extension for SetupVPN, you have to create an account before you can start using it. In order to create a new account, you don’t have to supply any information including the email address. It displays an authentication code which must be entered for login to the SetupVPN account. You should save this authentication code somewhere.

It offers hundreds of VPN servers located worldwide. Some of the servers are freely available but they could be slow. In case you want very fast VPN access, you have to buy a subscription and upgrade your account. In either case, the VPN service has unlimited bandwidth just the free account is slower than the paid account.

SetupVPN for Firefox

SetupVPN is really useful when you are trying to secure your web browser activity while using publicly available WiFi access points (such as the ones in trains, restaurants or schools). It works flawlessly and supports all the popular platforms.

You can download SetupVPN from