How to Reset Parler Account Password Easily

Parler presents you with secure and essential social networking features reminding you of Twitter and perhaps Tumblr. As Parler’s popularity goes up slowly, you will observe two things – you won’t be able to find any available usernames other than padded with a lot of random digits, and people will start forgetting their Parler account passwords that they created many months ago just for fun but never used.

If you also created a Parler account just to claim your favorite username on this new social network but never really used it and now don’t remember the password, then you can reset your Parler account password in the following manner:

  1. Launch your desktop web browser on your PC or Mac and visit
  2. Try to login and then click on Account Recovery under the password & username fields.Reset Parler Password
  3. On the next screen select the I forgot my password checkbox.Reset Parler Password
  4. Enter the email address that you use to create your Parler account and then click on the Send Password Reset Email button.Reset Parler Password
  5. Check your inbox for the password reset email. It will have a Reset Password button, you will have to click on this button to open the webpage where you can enter a new password.Reset Parler Password
  6. Upon successful resetting of the Parler account password, you can login to your Parler account using your new password.

While using a username and password provide some basic security to your Parler account, it is not enough for everyone. If you are a big Parler user, a celebrity or a journalist, you should consider enhancing the security of your Parler account by enabling the multi-factor authentication for Parler. After enabling this feature, you will be asked for entering an extra six digit code after you have entered your username and password. Since the six digit code is available only on your mobile phone, it ensures that nobody can break into your Parler account even if they somehow find out your username and password.


  1. Throughout the day today, I have requested a password reset a number of times. I have not yet received an email with the reset button. All I want to do is reset my password and check the feed. It really shouldn’t be this hard….

  2. My husband can’t remember his password it’s not sent to his email to reset [email address removed]
    What can we do?

  3. I seem to have enabled the Multi-Factor Authentication for my Parler Account. As I am not a celebrity, or anyone of any elevated standing, I don’t think this extra authentication is necessary. However, I can’t easily access my Parler account without having to get a mobile authentication passcode number. How can I disable this?


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