How to Synchronize Time in Windows with Online Time Servers

Many years ago, we made a tool called Update Time which automatically fetches the accurate time from a selected online time server and then changes the local system time based on the received time data. Now a similar software is available from another developer called Internet Time Sync+.

This new software does the same thing but offers many new time servers. It works in all the versions of Windows and can be used to correct the time setting to the accurate values offered by time servers worldwide.

In the user interface of Internet Time Sync+ you can easily select a server to be used for updating time for Windows. You can then simply click on the Update button to download and update the time. It does something in the background which seems to take a lot of time. When we tried it, we almost thought that application has stopped responding but it became active in a few seconds and updated the time.

Internet Sync Time+

If you do not want to launch the main interface of Internet Time Sync+ , then you can also right-click on its notification area icon and choose to update the time which is much more convenient and does work faster. There are some other options available from the notification area icon for example, you can launch the main window interface of Internet Time Sync+.

Internet Sync Time+

From the settings of Internet Time Sync+, you can choose to automatically start it with Windows login so that it can auto-update the time as soon as the Windows starts. You can choose the time interval after which it auto-updates the time. If you do not want daily update, then you can choose a date and time for automatic time updates. There is a setting for changing the time zone of your Windows PC too.

Conclusion: Internet Time Sync+ is a really useful software for setting the correct time for the desktop computers that lose the time every time you shut down the computer. Using this you can update the time accurately by fetching the correct time from the dedicated time servers.

You can download Internet Time Sync+ from