Synchronize Time with Online Time Servers using Update Time

Windows comes with a feature that allows you to synchronize your PC’s time with the time servers available all over the world. But this requires that you add one time server in the Windows time settings. After this Windows will automatically update the time using that server periodically. But what if you do not want to open all those time settings in Windows to perform these steps and update the time using the time servers? We have a solution for you – our small “Update Time” utility.

The Update Time utility allows you to select one of the popular time servers available for public access and quickly update the time. It supports eight different time servers, but since the “” sub-domains point to a pool of time servers, these time servers actually represent hundreds of individual time servers. These time servers are being run by the state governments, science laboratories and the universities across the world. The servers located closer to your geographical location usually respond faster.

Update Time

Using the Update Time utility is as easy as switching on the light in your room. One click and it is done. By default the “” time server is selected which represents a huge collection of time servers located worldwide. But you can also select some of the other servers. The last two time servers (ending in .za) are located in South Africa and respond really very fast.

Clicking on the Update Time button will start the time update process. After a few seconds, you will ne notified if the synchronizing has worked or it has failed. The most common reason for the failure is that the Time service in Windows is not running. To resolve this problem, you have to open an elevated command prompt and give this command net W32Time start.

You can download Update Time from