How to Update HP Printer Firmware Easily in Windows

The small operating software that is stored inside a device’s memory chip is called its firmware. Modems, routers, phones, PC motherboards and printers they all come with their own firmware. From time to time, device manufactures released updated versions of these firmware. In the new versions of the firmware, new features are added, older features are improved and security fixes are applied. This is why it is recommended that users update the firmware of these devices whenever available.

Like other devices, the firmware of HP printers can also be updated. In some HP printers, you can change the device settings so that it can download and update the firmware all by itself. In other printers, you have to manually download the firmware and update it yourself.

For example, in the case of HP Ink Tank 410 Wireless printer, you can download the firmware, launch it and flash the firmware from your PC. For any HP printer, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit and look for your HP printer model.
  2. Under firmware section (if available) download the latest version of firmware for your HP printer. If no new firmware is available, you cannot update or upgrade the firmware.
  3. Connect your HP printer to your Windows PC through a USB cable and turn it on.
  4. When the printer is detected by Windows, launch firmware update utility that you downloaded in step 2. It will look for all the connected printers and then display a list of the detected printers.HP Printer Firmware Upgrade
  5. Select your target HP printer from the list, and then click on the Update button.HP Printer Firmware Upgrade
  6. Wait for a few minutes during which firmware is flashed to the printer memory and then printer is restarted. You will receive a message that firmware update was successful.HP Printer Firmware Upgrade

There are some things you should be careful about when updating or upgrading the firmware for HP printers. First, of course, do not even attempt to use a firmware meant for some other printer model for your printer. And secondly, you should ensure no power disruption to the printer during the firmware upgrade. In case, printer suffers power loss during the firmware update, it can brick the printer.

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  1. The hp 49.4c02 error code could also be the result of many reasons; it contains invalid print commands, damaged data, or incorrect operations, or it could be a driver problem. Old or outdated drivers, or it could be a Jet Direct card, believe it or not, or it could even be poor quality parallel cables, poor connections or proprietary applications (third party software), packet loss or network glitches, etc.

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