Scan QR Codes Safely in Android with Trend Micro QR Scanner

QR codes have become prevalent in everyday life especially during these lockdown days. Some of the store owners are using apps where the customer just have to scan the QR code to complete the payment. This makes the whole process of payment touch-free and can be done from a safe distance of three feet.

Then of course there are QR codes everywhere in the newspaper, inside the magazines, on the product packages, on the delivery boxes, in the advertisements and more. I have even seen some TV shows flashing their QR code on the TV screen so that viewers can scan it and visit their website.

The problem with scanning QR codes from anywhere is that you never know what is hidden inside those codes. Some people post advertisements in public places containing malicious QR codes that execute certain actions on your smartphones, install an app, download unwanted files or take you to a malicious website. You can keep your device safe from such malicious QR codes using the prevalent Trend Micro QR Scanner app.

Trend Micro QR Scanner

Trend Micro QR Scanner is a free app for Android from the security giant Trend Micro and it comes with many safety features. It scans the data inside the barcodes or QR codes to find of there is anything malicious inside them. It has a very modern and pretty user interface. It allows you to scan the QR codes using your camera or from the pictures stored on your device. When using your camera, you can turn on the flashlight to scan the codes better.

Another remarkable feature of Trend Micro QR Scanner is that it allows you to search for products on Google just by scanning their bar codes. We tried this feature with many different products of all kinds and it did find them on Google instantly just by using the barcodes.

You can get the Trend Micro QR Scanner from