Improve Your Productivity with Refocus for Chrome Browser

There are some things that happen during any week day that may keep your mind off your work. For example, when you are driving to work, you may witness road rage and this can unsettle your nerves for the entire day. So how do you focus on your work when you reach your work place? Some people practice meditation while others just forget these things in the daily hullabaloo of their busy lives.

If you can use Chrome web browser on your work computer, then there is an easy way to refocus your mind on your daily goals. You can just install an extension called Refocus and it will offer some of the simple tools that can help you focus your mind and relieve the stress.

Refocus for Chrome Browser

After installation of the Refocus extension in Chrome, you can click on its omnibar icon to select one of ambience sounds available. These ambience sounds can detach your mind from all the worldly matters and give you a stress free environment. Some of the available ambience sounds are experimental temple, university campus, lunch in Rome, coffee shop, Cuban beach, morning birds, Amazon forest, underwater, mystical nature, campfire, rain, waves, dusk in the woods, quiet city vibe, downtown Paris, normal winds, stormy winds, real winds, park by the river, binaural space, binaural birds and more. Personally, I really like the “Lunch in Rome” ambience sounds interesting when working on my computer.

Refocus for Chrome Browser

Another tool offered by Refocus is “Focus Timer”. This timer basically sets a short deadline for you to finish your tasks or a small part of a big task. If you have a project at hand, you can divide it into small parts and then use Focus Timer to push yourself to finish each of these tasks in a set number of minutes. This is like a sports coach encouraging you to do something faster and faster each time. It is called Pomodoro technique and you can read more about it in the book The Pomodoro Technique by Frencesco Cirillo.

You can get the Refocus extension for Chrome browser from

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