Create Handwritten Notes in Windows with Xournal++

There are times when you do not want to type and just want to quickly jot down your thoughts on your notepad. The reason could be that you are tired or what you have been writing is done better with handwriting rather than with your keyboard. Now you can have handwritten notes in your Windows PC using an open-source application called Xournal++. Using this free note taking application, you can create notes the usual way through your keyboard and can also add handwritten notes as well as signatures. These can be saved in form of PDF files.

Xournal++ works well with the PDF files. Using Xournal++, you can add comments, signatures, markings, stamps and more to the PDF files. Not to mention, it can create new PDF files using your keyboards and handwriting.

It comes with a full fledged editor using which you can take down your notes. It offers all the tools one would expect from a standard text editor along with support for inserting images, mathematical expressions, graphical figures and more. You can specify the exact format of the page, the background color and the background type.


You can also open PDF files in Xournal++. You can add your notes and comments to these PDF files. You can add images, rectangles, text and other things on these PDF files. Both your notes and the opened PDF files are saved in the PDF file format. This also means that your notes can be opened on any computer that has a PDF viewer application.

The handwriting feature supports a number of input devices such as tablet, touchscreen monitor, or an external drawing tablet. You can use any of these to hand write your notes and add signatures to PDF files easily with the help of Xournal++.

You can download Xournal++ from