Lesspass Generates Passwords Whenever You Need

These days everyone has at least five or six accounts belonging to online banking, credit cards, web servers, FTP server, email accounts, cloud storage accounts and more. I have also seen that some people have multiple Gmail accounts. For all these accounts, Android, iOS and Windows offer Python 3 in their end-user project.

One way to remember passwords to all these accounts is simply to use new LessPass. It is an application, that is, a command line interface application. It comes with all the necessary items so that you can start using it right away.

When you generate a password for a specific website using LessPass, it asks for the site, your username and the master password. As long as these three parameters stay the same, it will keep generating the same password for you. This way, you do not really have to work harder in memorizing all the password. You just have to memorize the master password and you can generate the passwords any time you want.

You can install and use LessPass in Windows in the following manner:

  1. First of all you have to install Python 3.x on your Windows PC. You can download Python 3.x for Windows from https://www.python.org/downloads/. Installing Python is very easy, you just have to launch the installer, select the option for adding Python to PATH and proceed.
  2. Launch Windows command prompt window by pressing Win+X and then selecting Command Prompt from the administrator menu.LessPass
  3. In the command prompt give the command : python -m -pip install lesspass. It will download the necessary files and install LessPass on your PC.LessPass

Once LessPass is installed, you can give command lesspass –help to find the help associated with the various parameters of LessPass. Basically, you have to either specify site name and login data along with a master password, and it will create a unique password for you. This same password is generated with the same input data (site, username and master password). For example, if the sitename is trishtech.com and the username is trisha, and the same master password is supplied, it is going to generate the same exact password.