Backiee : Wallpaper Collection App for Android, iOS and Windows

There is no need to search Google for beautiful backgrounds or wallpapers for your Android, iOS or Windows device when you have the Backiee app installed. Backiee offers thousands of stunning high-definition pictures to be used as the wallpaper for your devices. Once you have installed this app, you can launch it and you will be instantly presented with the best wallpapers in the world.

Backiee app displays the most popular or most recent wallpapers such as the latest wallpapers, monthly or the weekly most popular wallpapers etc. You can also search through the wallpapers based on the topic, or the type of the wallpaper. You can browse the wallpapers based on the categories too.


In case of Android, the Backiee app allows for the user to set the wallpaper either as the home screen or the lock screen wallpaper. When you are setting it as the wallpaper, you have the option to crop the image as sliding, portrait or landscape mode. When you set it in the slide mode, the wallpaper stretches over whole the home screen as you swipe left or right.

Backiee app allows for synchronization of the wallpapers across many of your devices. For this, you can create a Backiee account, install this app on all the devices, login to your Backiee account on all of your devices and then choose the devices from the list on any of your device to be synchronized. It is very simple really.


All in all Backiee is a very handy app for getting very beautiful wallpapers from a huge collection. The wallpapers are available in many categories for easy selection such as Animals, Abstract, Anime, Celebration, Car, Food, Flowers, Music, Nature, Space, Sport, Technology and more. All the wallpapers are very high resolution including HD, Ultra HD, 4K and even 8K.

You can get the Backiee app for Android, iOS or Windows from