nip2 : Sequential Image Processor Powered by ImageMagick

While looking for a basic GUI that harnesses the power of ImageMagick, I discovered a very interesting image editor called nip2. This image editor employed a unique strategy for editing your pictures. It allows you to add various steps one after the another in a sequence but does not carry out the instructions until you tell it to run these steps. You may feel like you are using Microsoft Excel and adding formulae for working with your data on your spreadsheet.

nip2 can be confusing in the beginning because it comes with such a different concept in an image editor. You begin by opening your images which are assigned a label such as A. Afterwards, you can add various image editing steps and they are labeled in sequential order such as A1, A2, A3 and so on. When you want to apply the steps, you can just right-click on a step and choose to save the images. For example, if you want to save the results of step A6, then right-click on A6 image and choose to save the image.


nip2 is powered by ImageMagick library. It comes with all the files for ImageMagick, therefore you do not have to install ImageMagick separately. You have access to all its features and functions. When you use these editing features to add a step, it actually adds a command to ImageMagick library for that step. You can change various properties for that step or change the formula (command line) for that step manually.

While nip2 is very interesting image editor that employs Microsoft Excel like interface, it may take a really long time for doing something that can be done quickly using Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. If you want to use ImageMagick through command line interface, then nip2 also offers a CLI version.

You can download nip2 from