EasyJoin : Securely Share Files Across Multiple Devices

When you have to share files across two devices, you can use cloud based services like box.net or Dropbox etc. But when sharing files using these cloud storage apps, your files are first uploaded to the cloud storage and then from there they are synced to other devices where the cloud apps are installed. What if you do not want to share files over to any server and want to transfer files directly across devices. In that case, you can use EasyJoin – a decentralized file sharing utility that works for many platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS and Android. It can also be used from any modern web browser such as Google Chrome.

EasyJoin interface is not that different from that of cloud sharing/storage apps. When you are running EasyJoin on multiple devices, all the Easyjoin windows/apps will display the available devices ready for file sharing. You can send messages or files between these devices. The message feature makes EasyJoin a great file sharing  application to be used by a team in a workplace.


The process of pairing two devices that are using EasyJoin is very similar to pairing Bluetooth devices with your smartphone or Windows PC. When you launch EasyJoin, it will display a list of all the available devices. All these devices should be on the same network which can easily be accomplished by connecting them all to the same WiFi network. You can choose which of these devices you want to pair with.

Whenever you want to share any file, you can open it or drag-n-drop it on the EasyJoin window. You will be asked the destination for sharing that file. You can choose to share the file with all the online devices, only with the trusted devices, all the online trusted devices, all the temporary devices or all the devices regardless of their status.

Easyjoin is a great decentralized file sharing app. It can be used even without internet connection provided all the Easyjoin devices are connected to the same network. It is ideal for sharing files in a workplace environment.

You can download EasyJoin from https://easyjoin.net/index.html.