Notepin : Easy and Simple Note Taking App for Android

What is the only thing that people check hundreds of times everyday? Yes, it is their smartphone. People take their smartphones out of their pockets many times every hour and look for new messages and other things. Whenever people have free time, they pull out their phones and start checking apps and notifications. This is why smartphone notifications is the ideal place to put all your reminders and notes.

A new app called Notepin has this exact idea. It helps users place notes, messages or reminders in the notification area. The notifications that Notepin places can be of many colors and are always pinned to the notification bar of your Android smartphone. This is really a new and interesting approach to saving your important information without actually needing a paper and pencil.

In the Notepin interface, you just have to tap on the + icon to add a new note. In the note, you have to add a title, description for the note, whether the note will be pinned to the notification bar, and the priority or importance of the note by picking a color – red (high), green (medium) or blue (low).

BZ Reminder

As soon as you add a note, it will appear in the notification bar. If you had decided to make the note always be pinned, then it cannot be removed from the notification bar by swiping it off to the left or right. If you decided not to make the note pinned, then you can remove it by swiping.


In the options for Notepin app, you can choose to delete all the notes, unpin all the notes, sort them by priority level, choose the number of columns to be used by the notes and more.

Notepin is an interesting app for Android smartphones. It is a really nice idea to always keep some reminders or notes on the notification panel so that we never forget about carrying out certain tasks.

You can get the Notepin app from