Recover Lost Files with DoYourData Data Recovery

We all feel lost when we cannot file our important documents, pictures or other files. The important tax files that we worked on all night long, the pictures that we edited last week, the five thousand word report that we were working for more than a month – where have all these files gone? But instead of fretting we can control the situation better by making an attempt to recover your lost files using a data recovery software like DoYourData Data Recovery. It is a data recovery software for Windows and macOS. It is able to recover all of your lost files and does not require you to have any special skills or detailed knowledge of how file systems work.

DoYourData Data Recovery is designed to be very user friendly and easy for the users of all experience levels. As soon as you launch the software, it displays all the partitions available on your system. If you have want to recover files from an external hard drive, a pen drive, USB storage devices or memory cards, then you should attach them before launching DoYourData Data Recovery. In order to scan a partition for deleted files, you just have to double-click on it. You can also select that partition and then click on Scan button.

DoYourData Recovery

It can scan your partitions in three modes – quick scan, advanced scan and read-only scan. In the quick scan mode, it scans your system really fast and displays the results instantly. In the advanced mode, it takes a much longer time but goes through your system much more thoroughly. If you cannot find your lost files using the quick scan mode, then you can probably find them using the advanced scan mode. You can switch to the advanced scan mode simply by clicking on the Advanced Recovery button.

DoYourData Recovery

When the results are displayed, you can go through the list and examine the files that you wish to recover. It is possible to have a preview of some file types without actually recovering them first. In order to recover files, you can select them from the results and then click on the Recover button. You have to select the destination folder and the recovered files will be copied to that folder.

DoYourData Data Recovery makes it very easy to recover deleted files in Windows and macOS. It can recover files from all kinds of storage media and supports all the popular filesystem types such as FAT, NTFS, exFAT, HFS and more.

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