Remove Programs from Windows with Free DoYourData Uninstaller

We all try new software on our Windows PC from time to time. But for this we have to install many programs and these installed programs stay on the system until we decide to remove them. As a result, we end up having many programs that we don’t really need.

Using a freeware DoYourData Uninstaller, we can safely and quickly remove any of the installed software from a Windows PC. The advantage of using DoYourData Uninstaller over the inbuilt Windows program removal controls is that it can remove the leftover files and therefore provides more thorough software uninstallation.

In the user interface of DoYourData Uninstaller, you have the choice to remove Windows applications or Windows apps. The Windows applications are shown in a detailed list that displays the application name, size, and version. You can select one or more of these applications and click on the Uninstall button to proceed with the removal. It will take you through all the necessary steps for successful removal of the selected applications and then clean up the leftovers.

DoYourData Uninstaller

Under the Windows apps section, you will find the universal apps  (UWP) that are usually installed through the Microsoft Store app. Some of the apps that come preinstalled in Windows 10 cannot truly be removed as the permissions do not allow it. You can just disable these apps instead. But apps installed by the user after downloading them from the Microsoft Store can be removed easily.

DoYourData Uninstaller

DoYourData Uninstaller claims to remove even those applications and apps that you are not able to remove in any other ways. It can remove the applications that have broken uninstallers. It can scan your system for all the files related to the installed apps and then remove them for full and complete removal of those applications from your system.

You can download DoYourData Uninstaller from