BuhoCleaner : Quick & Effective Cleaning App for Mac

BuhoCleaner is the quickest way to get rid of junk files, large files and other unwanted things from your Mac. It is optimized to work well with the latest version of macOS so that you can remove the junk files in lesser amount of time but with much better efficiency. But the users of older macOS version should not despair as it supports older macOS versions as far back as OS X Cheetah.

One app for all the cleaning

BuhoCleaner has many features built inside and offered through a single user interface. It helps the users clean junk files, remove unwanted apps, remove large sized files, and get rid of the identical files. All these problems can lead to taking up of the valuable storage space on your SSD or HDD. BuhoCleaner addresses all of these problems.


Quick cleaning of junk files

The flash clean feature of BuhoCleaner is perhaps the fastest tool to look for all the left-over or junk files that are not really needed and are just piling up on your storage drives. In a few seconds, it can find and give you a summary of all the junk files discovered. It can look for system cache files, user cache files, browser cache files, user log files, system log files, etc. In just one click, it helps you remove all of these files.


Removes unwanted apps

The app uninstall feature shows you a list of all the installed apps on your Mac. This could surprise you as some apps are installed and the user does not even know about them. You can remove all the old, obsolete, unwanted or unnecessary apps that you do not really need using this feature.


Finds large files and duplicates

Large files module helps you locate very large size files. It can find all the files that are over 50 MB in size and report them. Users has to make their own decision about which of these large files should be removed. Similarly, the Duplicates section helps locate the identical files and folders. All the identical files are categorized based on their types – images, videos, documents etc. After making a selection of which duplicate files are to be removed, the user can get rid of all these identical files in a few seconds.


BuhoCleaner is a really fast and optimized junk cleaning app for macOS. It can help you improve the system performance of your Mac and recover more storage space that was being used by unnecessary apps or files.

You can download BuhoCleaner from https://www.drbuho.com/.