Edi : Spreadsheet and Word Processor

Edi is a versatile word processor and spreadsheet application for Windows. It is lightweight and free for personal use. It combines the features of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word into a single user interface. The user can switch back and forth between the word processor and spreadsheet whenever desired.

Edi sports the same ribbon bar user interface that you would find in the Microsoft Office. If you have used Office before, then you will find yourself at home.  All the ribbon bar and menu bar features are almost the same as in the Microsoft Office applications.

Under the Home tab, you have all the editing features available. This is where you can actually edit the text or Office documents along with the spreadsheets. You can click on Data or Text to switch back and forth between spreadsheet and text editor views.

Edi : Spreadsheet and Word Processor

Edit also supports mail merge which is an email message sent to multiple recipients but with slightly different content. The database file is used to pick the content for different recipients and the word processor is used to put them into a letter template. Using Edi, you can quickly start creating mail merge for your business.

This program supports saving of the spreadsheet or the text documents into a number of file formats such as PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPG, TXT, DOCX, DOC, ODT, EPUB, MHT, RTF, HTML and more. In general you can save the files as images, Office documents or as plain text files.

Edi works better than Microsoft Office on computers that do not have powerful hardware. It does require the latest .NET framework to be installed on your system which limits its use only on Windows 10 computers, but it performs very well on even low end computers.

You can download Edi Spreadsheet and Word Processor from https://www.edi-texteditor.com/en.