Clone System, Disks or Partitions with Hasleo Disk Clone

Hasleo Disk Clone can be used for cloning of the operating system, disks or partitions to another storage device. It is perhaps the easiest way to clone your Windows installation to another drive. It works with Windows 7, 8.x and 10. It supports hard disk drives, solid state drives and external USB storage media. It can work with many different types of partitions such as NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32.

Migrating Windows made easy

The ability of making the system drive clone is very useful when you are migrating from an old hard drive to a larger capacity hard drive or a fast solid state drive. Instead of installing Windows and other applications from the scratch, you can simply restore the whole Windows installation from the backup. This saves not only your time but you can also avoid all the headache associated with installing the operating system and the driver software.

Hasleo Disk Clone

Very easy-to-use interface

Hasleo Disk Clone has been designed keeping the convenience of an average user in mind. It does not bother the user with any complicated or complex settings or options. It follows the time-tested wizard like interface for all the actions. You are presented with three options in the main window – system clone, disk clone and partition clone. You can follow the one you want to use and they take you through the wizard – one step at a time.

All cloning tools in one place

No matter whether you are cloning a disk or a partition, it offers you the quick solution. You can use it to clone partitions to another partition or an entire disk to another disk. For the latter, you must have at least two disks connected to your PC. It works very well with portable USB drives and USB pen-drives.

Closing words

While Hasleo Disk Clone is the fastest software to clone disks or partitions, it lacks the feature to create a bootable disk which could be used to clone disks without booting into Windows. Such features exist in open-source software CloneZilla.

You can download Hasleo Disk Clone from