PicoPDF : Small and Easy PDF Editor for Windows

PicoPDF is a very small and easy to use PDF editor for Windows. It is so small that the installation file for PicoPDF is actually less than 1 MB in size. It is also very responsive and does not use much of the system resources. It is designed using native Win32 code and this is why it does not depend on any frameworks or unnecessary runtimes.

After the installation of PicoPDF, when you launch it for the very first time, it downloads more components from its website. These components such as freetype.exe and zlib1v3.exe are necessary for opening or editing the PDF files. After they are downloaded, you can double-click on them to quickly install them. Even with these components included, the total installation is less than 1 MB in size.

PicoPDF associates itself with PDF files so that you can double-click on any PDF file and they will be opened in PicoPDF automatically. It has a very simple user interface – one toolbar on the top and the viewer frame at the bottom. In the toolbar you will find all the editing tools available – edit text, add text and add image.


You can open any PDF file and edit the text or add new text lines in it. You can also add any JPEG image file into your PDF documents. You can also move existing components or rearrange them. It can save the PDF files only in the PDF formats and does not offer any encryption or password protection.

PicoPDF does not offer Microsoft Word like editor interface so that you can create a new PDF document from  scratch. LibreOffice Writer also offers a much more convenient interface to create PDF files. It appears to be more suited for minor editing or modifications in already existing PDF documents.

You can download PicoPDF from https://www.nchsoftware.com/picopdf/index.html.