Easy Translator : Translate Text into 109 Languages

Easy Translator is a small application for Windows and macOS that allows quick translation of text between 109 languages spoken in the world. It supports all the popular languages spoken in Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa including the languages that are written right to left such as Hebrew. It can be used to translate text from any source such as email messages, webpages, chats, letters and more.

Easy Translator comes with a very simple user interface that makes it very easy for anyone to translate text between two languages. In its window, you have to select a source language and a destination language. The source language can be manually selected from a drop-down list or you can set it to automatically detect the language of the source text. Choosing the automatic detection is better when you have no idea about the language in which a text is written. While manually picking a source language makes the translation faster.

Easy Translator

There are two text boxes – one for typing or copy-pasting the source text and another in which the translation is going to appear. After entering the text, you can click on the Translate button and it will contact the internet servers to get your text translations. Depending on your internet speed, it may take from a few seconds to a few minutes before the translation is done and is available before you. It supports text-to-speech engine and allows you to hear the translation.

Easy Translator

If you want to have a text file translated, then you can pull down the File menu to open the text file and translate it in the same manner. The translation can be printed and also be saved to a file on your local storage drive. If you want to send the translated text to someone, it supports emailing the text and its translated version to any email address.

You can download Easy Translator from https://www.acetools.net/.