How to Disable Junk Filtering for Email Accounts in Thunderbird

Recently I discovered that I was not able to receive some of the email messages from others. I was asking them to send them and replying to their previous messages without any luck. When I checked Thunderbird log, I found out that it was marking some of the received email messages as junk or spam and was automatically moving them to the junk folder. Many of these email messages that Thunderbird considered junk were actually important messages for me. So I decided to disable junk filter provided by Thunderbird from working on that particular email account.

Here is how you can disable junk filtering for any email account that you have added and configured to work with Mozilla Thunderbird:

  1. Launch Thunderbird, press Alt key on your keyboard to make the menubar appear and then select ToolsAccount Settings from the menubar.Disable Junk Filter in Thunderbird
  2. On the account settings screen, find the email account for which you want to disable the junk filter and then select Junk Settings section under that email account.
  3. On the right-side panel, uncheck Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account.Disable Junk Filter in Thunderbird
  4. Now you can close the settings tab in Thunderbird.

After this, Thunderbird will no longer mark any of the email messages as junk. It will also not move any of the messages to the junk folder automatically. This means that you will be seeing more messages than usual in your inbox. Some of these most definitely will be actual junk and spam messages. You will have to manually go through these and delete the junk messages yourself.

If your antivirus software provides some sort of email scanner with junk removal then you can look for the ways to integrate the security solution email filter into Thunderbird. Many reputed security vendors such as ESET offer solutions like AntiSpam that seem to work much better.