Exaile : Cross-Platform Music Player with Powerful Features

Exaile Music Player is a cross-platform music player that comes with many powerful features. It is developed using Python and GTK+ and works on Windows as well as on Linux. It offers a modern user interface and also comes with many online radio stations built inside.

Installation packages for Windows are available from Exaile’s GitHub webpage. The installation is a breeze after which you have to launch Exaile from the Start menu. For the Linux, it provides GZ packages which contains everything you would need to install and use it on Linux.

In the user interface of Exaile, you will find various sections on the left side labeled – Lyrics, Files, Playlists, Radio and Collection. Under each of these sections, you can manage different things such as music files, music collection and lyrics. In order to quickly begin playing music through Exaile, you can drag-n-drop your music files on its window. This will add those files to the Exaile Files section and you can play the music from there.


Exaile is able to automatically fetch from the internet the covers for albums or songs that you are playing. If the music is recognized, then it can also download the lyrics whenever possible. These downloaded lyrics are placed under the Lyrics section in its window.

It also comes with an online radio tuner and already has some radio stations added. Even though there are hundreds of radio stations available, none of these are mainstream radio stations. Fortunately, there are options to add your own radio stations. For adding new radio stations, you have to enter the title and the URL only.

Other features of the Exaile music player include automatic downloading of the music lyrics and the album art, tabbed smart playlists, ability to search for music files using various terms and more.

You can download Exaile Music Player from https://exaile.org/.