How to Convert Scanned PDF into Editable Word Document

While PDF files are great for sharing online and enjoy overwhelming support across all the platforms and devices, they are very hard to edit. Sure, there are many PDF editing applications available, but compared to other documents, PDF files are considered very difficult to edit. More people prefer Microsoft Word documents for editing than PDF files.

Fortunately, there is an online tool using which you can easily convert PDF files into Microsoft Word documents. This PDF OCR online tool works best with the scanned PDF files as they usually have the scanned images of the physical documents embedded into the PDF files. These images can easily be extracted and processed by the OCR tool to find the text inside them.

To begin with the PDF OCR online tool, you have to visit their website and then drag-n-drop your PDF file on to this webpage. You can drop only 1 PDF file at a single time, the file size should not be more than 50 MB and it should contain only 30 or less number of pages. You can drop more files later.


After adding the PDF files, you can click on the Upload and OCR button. Depending on your PDF file size and the number of pages inside it, it will take a short or long duration of time for the uploading and the processing of the PDF files to complete. You will see the progress in the web browser as your PDF files are processed. It also asks you for your email address which is useful if you do not want to wait and want it to send a message to your email address when the process is complete.


When it has processed your files and converted into the Microsoft Word documents, they are available for download. You can use these download links for downloading the Word DOCX files. These files can then be edited using Microsoft Word, LibreOffice Writer and other editors that support DOCX documents.


While PDF OCR online tool is very easy-to-use, it processes your PDF files on its server which means that you cannot use it for any PDF files containing private information. With all sorts scanned PDF files, it works flawlessly and provides you an editable DOCX document in seconds.

You can visit PDF OCR at