Find Details of Storage Devices in Windows with Drive Revealer

Drive Revealer is a portable application for Windows that can help you find detailed information about all the connected storage drives. It can find the information that is not easily available in Windows from a single source. For example, if you want to find the hard drive capacity then you can find it from the File Explorer but the drive revision is not available from there easily.

Since Drive Revealer is portable it can be run without having to install anything on your system. It works right out of the box. As soon as it is launched it scans your system for all the drives connected at the moment. It scans for all sorts of storage devices for example, hard disk drives, USB pen drives, memory cards, optical disc drives and more. After the scanning is finished, it displays the visible partitions in the list.

Drive Revealer

For all the storage devices, it displays the logical drive letter assigned, drive description, whether BitLocker encryption is enabled on those drives, drive label, drive serial number, manufacturer of those drives, volumes, file system on those volumes and volume serial numbers.

When you connect new devices to your computer, you have to right-click inside the Drive Revealer window and choose Refresh from the context-menu. This will force Drive Revealer to scan the system once again for the presence of the storage devices and the partitions on it. This is useful if you have just attached an external USB drive to your PC and want to find some information about this drive.

Drive Revealer

All the information displayed in the Drive Revealer can be exported to an HTML file for later use. This option is available from the Options menu or from the right-click menu. The HTML file generated shows the exact same information as in the Drive Revealer window. You can also print this information using the HTML file.

You can download NoVirusThanks Drive Revealer from