Become a Power User of Twitter with Tweeten

Tweeten is a Chrome extension that can enhance your Twitter experience. It adds features and improves the user interface of Twitter to bring all the features offered by Twitter in a single place. If you do not like to use Tweeten in your Chrome web browser as an extension, then they also offer a desktop application based on Electron project (which also uses its own Chrome in the background).

Tweeten offers a column based interface. All of the Twitter is visible to you all the time in form of five columns. There is an individual column for each of the timeline, notifications, direct messages, trending topics and the search results. The fifth column appears only if you search for someone or some topic on Twitter.

These columns are all placed side by side and on a typical 15.6 inch laptop screen only 3 columns are visible at a given time. If you want to really make the most of this interface then you should connect at least a 19 inches screen to your computer. A bigger screen will obviously improve your experience.


Tweeten allows you to customize this columns based user interface from its settings. You can change the columns to be narrow, medium or wide. You can also change the font size to be small or large. On the larger screens, the fonts have to be a little bit larger so that you can read everything. It also offers two themes – dark and light. It even allows custom CSS using which you can change how it appears on your screen.


As is expected, it also makes tweeting very easy. You have access to hundreds of GIF animations that you can quickly add to your tweets. You can select these GIF animations either by browsing through them or by searching for them. You can even schedule your tweets to be made public at a specific date and time.

Tweeten makes using Twitter very easy and powerful for everyone. It is a great app for power users or professionals who handle social media for organizations.

You can download Tweeten from