FWsim : Simulate Fireworks Shows on Your Windows PC

Every year we celebrate the new year’s party on the eve of the 31st of the December with friends and family. So many people go outside and enjoy the fireworks, dancing, drinking and barbecuing. Times Square in the New York city is specially known for the New Year’s party celebrations.

But this year it is going to be a little different because of the epidemic situation. We are not supposed to go out and stay indoors. There are not going to be any parties or at least not like before. If you miss the fireworks like every year, you can use the FWsim software on your Windows PC and simulate your own fireworks right on your PC. In these difficult times, this is enough to put a small smile on your face.

With the help of FWsim, anyone can become a virtual pyrotechnician. Just like a good quality video editor, you can drop fireworks effects on a timeline, add music, camera angles with a wide variety of effects. If you are a beginner then the developers offer online help for the starters. It also comes with some demo fireworks shows that can be opened from the File menu. These demos can also teach you the basics of how to start creating your own shows.


Basically you have to place the fireworks or steppers on the time line. After placing them on the time line, you can change their properties, camera angles and other things. You can add background music of your own which can set the mood for the fireworks show. There are hundreds of fireworks effects to be picked from and you can create your own firework effects.


After you have created a really amusing fireworks show, you can export it to MP4 or AVI video files. You can also upload them to your Youtube channel directly from within FWsim. You can watch the shows created by other FWsim users from the FWsim website at https://www.fwsim.com/shows.html.


This year (2020) the developers of FWsim are giving away free license to everyone so they can enjoy fireworks at home. This license will be valid in the last week of December 2020 and the first week of January 2021. You can claim this free license from https://www.fwsim.com/digital-fireworks-celebration.html.

You can download FWsim from https://www.fwsim.com/.