Small Utilities : Useful Collection of Tools for Windows PC

We all have heard about the Microsoft Sysinternals Suite that contains dozens of very useful tools designed to work with Windows. There is another set of similar tools being offered by Softspecials called Small Utilities. It is a collection of over seventy tools and programs that offer some very useful functions. Some of these tools are designed to leverage the hidden API functions inside Windows that are supposed to work better and faster than the regular API functions.

Small Utilities programs are all command line tools and must be used from a command prompt by launching cmd.exe console. For the ease and convenience of the users, Small Utilities installs a desktop shortcut. Using this desktop shortcut you can launch the command prompt window with the PATH already set properly for using the full set of the tools.

Small Utilities

To begin using the Small Utilities, we can use this command prompt window and if we need any help there is always the command SSGo /? and it will show you the basic command syntax. If you want to view the Small Utilities help then you can give the command SSGo /HELP which launched the CHM help that comes bundled with the package. In this help, you can find description, syntax and usage of all the command line tools that come with Small Utilities.

Small Utilities

There are all sorts of tools for all the different types of use such as making backups, displaying ASCII table, finding the codes for any characters, making your computer beep, changing screen resolutions, remove all the contents of the clipboard, finding the CPU ID of the processors, finding the hashes of various files, empty the contents of the recycle bin, shutting down Windows and more.

Small Utilities are not only helpful on their own, but they can also be used within batch scripts for running automated tasks. If you do not want to install the whole package of the Small Utilities then you can download individual tools too.

You can download Small Utilities from