How to Disable Promotional Notifications in Opera Browser

In Opera web browser, you might see some desktop notifications from time to time. These so called promotions can be annoying at times when you are seriously working on some of your projects on your computer. Imagine you were busy writing your report for the next meeting and you were working on a great idea and suddenly this notification appears – you may end up losing your train of thought. It is like when someone interrupts you in the middle of a conversation and then you forget what you were talking about.

It seems like that Opera developers already know how this can be a problem for some of the Opera users and  therefore they have given an option through which you can easily disable these promotional notifications in the Opera web browser for desktop computers.

Here is how you can quickly disable Opera’s promotional notifications:

  1. Click on the Opera icon (top-left of the web browser window) and select Settings from the menu. Alternatively, you can also click on the cogwheel icon in the sidebar or use the hotkey Alt+P.Opera Promotional Notifications
  2. On the settings screen select Advanced and then Privacy & security section from the left side.Opera Promotional Notifications
  3. Unselect the option labeled Display promotional notifications.Opera Promotional Notifications
  4. This is it, Opera will not display any promotional notifications anymore.

While Opera does not display obtrusive notifications, it is still a problem with some users who do not want to be distracted by anything appearing on their screen.  Opera also tends not to display these notifications very frequently, so if you have seen one notification, then chances are that you are done for that day.

In case you love and support Opera, you should leave these notifications turned on. You never know what you might discover through their promotions. Sometimes they come up with some really useful and irresistible offers.