Write Better English with the Linguix Browser Add-on

We all have to write for a variety of reasons − for school assignments, for presentations, for meetings, for speeches, for dissertations and a number of other things. Some of us have completed professional writing courses from a university while others just use the skills learned in the high school days.

No matter why you are writing and your experience level, you can enhance and improve your English writing using a web browser extension called Linguix. It is available for both Chrome and Firefox web browser. Once installed, it can be used to correct, enhance, improve and embellish your writing.

When you write on any web page, it checks the writing for punctuation and typography. It gives you suggestion if it finds any any problems in your composition. For some reason if the Linguix extension is not working on a site, then you can click on the Linguix icon in the browser toolbar and open the Linguix user interface from where you will be able to check the text for any errors in its entirety.


On the Linguix webpage, you can click on the Documents section and add a new document. It will show you an interface where you can copy-paste your writing so that can be checked. It is also a text editor, so that you can edit or write with Linguix actively checking and guiding your all through the process. These documents are saved in your account for later use.

If you are writing something personal or secret and are afraid that checking it for punctuation will save it on the internet, then Linguix offers a secret mode. This feature allows you to copy-paste your composition without any fear. In this mode, your writing will be checked and permanently deleted.


One thing that every good writer knows is to avoid redundancy of the words and phrases. For this they use synonyms to make their writing appear more appealing. Linguix can help you find synonyms easily. You can press Alt and then click on any word to display its definition or synonyms.

Overall Linguix is an effective way to improve your English writing skills. Whether you are a student or a professional, you are definitely going benefit from Linguix.

You can get Linguix browser extensions by visiting https://linguix.com/.