How to Share Large Files Online with

Even though cloud storage services like Dropbox and hubiC have become the primary way for sharing and storing files online. They are easy to use and they can be accessed from any platform as many of these services offer apps for all the popular platforms.

But when you have to share files with one or two people privately, the good old method of attaching them along with an email message is still being used by many users. This is both easy and does not force you to upload your files anywhere on the cloud. However, when the the file attachments are really large then you cannot attach the files directly in the email message.

In those situations, what you can do is that you can upload your files to and then share the link in your email messages. is an online file sharing service that allows sharing of files as large as 6 GB in size. The files you upload to can be downloaded as many as 50 times. And the files will stay up for the grab for next three weeks which is enough time for the recipients to download them.

In the user interface, you start dragging-n-dropping your files so that you can share them. In each group, you can add one or more than one files. Once your files are uploaded a files link will appear that can be shared with your friends through email message, through social media or any other method.

There is no need to create a user account with, but an account does offer many more features. For example, you can keep a track of all the files that you have shared only if you have account.

You can visit and start sharing files using this free file sharing service.