Time to Leave : Shows Time Left to Leave Your Workplace

If you are doing a 9-to-5 job then chances are that you cannot wait to get out of your workplace as soon as the office wall clock strikes 5 PM. This is not very uncommon. Nobody likes to work and when the work becomes monotonous, we all wish it hits 5 PM soon and we rush out into the fun world again.

Even though looking at the wall clock or your wrist watch again and again will suffice for most of us, you can use a freeware tool called Time to Leave to check how much time is actually left until your working hours are over. The program is designed to be flexible and works for all sorts of working hours.

In the Time to Leave window, you can specify the starting time of work, how many hours you have to work, and for how long the lunch is allowed. Based on these parameters, it will calculate the time at which you can leave and consider your work day over.

This application is very useful for freelancers and people who are working from home as they can also monitor how many hours they have put into work in any day and at which time their workday can be considered to be over. You can make it flexible and adjust the lunch time to be longer or shorter. You can also include a brief nap along with the lunch if needed.

Time to Leave

If you are doing overtime, then you can also input those hours in the Time to Leave window. These overtime hours will be used in the final calculation as well. And the most interesting part of Time to Leave is that it can also tell you how many days left for your retirement. You have to enter the exact date on which you will be retired from work and it will display the number of days remaining till that date.

Time to Leave is a small and useful application to find out the exact time when you should leave working for the day. This can be useful for both freelancers and people who work 9 to 5 everyday.

You can download Time to Leave from http://www.ignyte.com/.