Lookup Synonyms or Antonyms Quickly Using Power Thesaurus

One of the things I learned in high school is that we should avoid being redundant when writing something. Repetition of words or phrases must be avoided at all cost. But when we do have to mention the same thing again and again, we should use synonyms instead of echoing the same old words multiple times.

The easiest approach to find synonyms of the words that we are familiar with is through a thesaurus. A good thesaurus can give you dozens of synonyms and antonyms of all the words present in the English language. There are so many good thesaurus available like Merriam Webster or Oxford, but when working online you can use free and easy-to-use Power Thesaurus.

Power Thesaurus is available through its own website but they also provide extensions for various web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. You can visit their website and search for any word or phrase. But a better way is through their extensions. Once installed, you can search the thesaurus in three different ways.

Power Thesaurus

One way to use Power Thesaurus is simply by clicking on the extension icon in the browser toolbar which would show you the search box. You can type in the word or phrase that you are looking for and it will find the synonyms and antonyms for you.

Another way is to first select a phrase on the webpage. As soon as you make a selection, a small Power Thesaurus icon will appear, you can click on this icon and it will instantly display the synonyms. And finally the third way is to select the words, right-click on them, and choose Power Thesaurus from the context-menu.

Power Thesaurus

A few of the synonyms and antonyms are displayed on the screen, but for the full list of these words, you have to visit the Power Thesaurus website by clicking on View All links.

Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus is a productive browser extension and can be very useful for bloggers and writers who want to make their writing much more interesting by finding new words and phrases.

You can get Power Thesaurus extensions from https://www.powerthesaurus.org/.