Protect Chrome Browser from Babies with Baby Mode

Global pandemic has brought in the culture of working remotely from home. Many people are loving it and many other miss commuting everyday for work. Working from home has so many benefits, especially for single parents. Now single parents can spend more time with their kids and work from the convenience from their homes. But if you have little toddlers, then you have another problem – if you leave your little babies near your laptop even for a minute, they may inadvertently press lots of buttons resulting in unexpected outcomes. After all for those cute babies, laptop is just another toy that mom has bought for them.

If you are also a single parent, then you can use the Baby Mode extension for Chrome browser to protect it from the babies. This extension can disable keyboard input to the web browser so that even if kids play with your computer’s keyboard, it will have no effect on the browser. Now you can leave your laptop running Chrome browser with your little ones without worrying about it too much.

Baby Mode in Chrome Browser

It places an icon in the Chrome browser’s omnibar clicking on which you have the options to toggle it off or on. You can use this toggle button to turn on the baby mode for your Chrome browser. Once this is done keyboard is disabled for Chrome. It does not disable the mouse or touchpad, so you can still use the mouse. In order to disable Baby Mode once again and enable the keyboard, you can either use the omnibar icon just like before or use the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+0. Keyboard still works for using this hotkey.

Baby Mode for Chrome is really useful and can be used to prevent cute little babies from interfering in your browsing or work. It can provide big relief to single parents or nannies working from home.

You can get the Baby Mode extension for Chrome web browser from