Noise Blocker Cancels Noise from Microphone in Windows

These days so many of us are working from home and using apps like Skype and Zoom to interact with others online. But when we are conferencing with others over these apps, sometimes we hear the noise coming from the background such as kids playing in the streets outside, someone driving their car, repair work noise and so on. All this noise captured by the microphone makes us look less professional.

If you want to look and sound more professional, then you have to either buy a noise cancelling microphone which has a secondary microphone to detect and remove the noise, or you can use a software called Noise Blocker. It is a program to remove the background noise and other unwanted sounds from you microphone. It works well with many of the video conferencing apps such as Skype, Discord, Zoom, Google, Slack etc. In fact, any app that allows selection of microphone will do fine with Noise Blocker.

It installs a virtual microphone on your computer which acts like a secondary microphone. it captures and compares the noises and blocks them. When you are using an app like Skype, you have to select this virtual microphone and it will automatically remove the noise.

In the user interface of the Noise Blocker, you can add the noise audio files that are used to compare the sound and remove it from the microphone stream. You can set the threshold, noise reduction, and the release delay values for adjusting how the noise is blocked.

Noise Blocker

Noise Blocker analyzes each incoming sound and mutes it according to the configured settings, allowing only the desired sounds to pass through. Noise Blocker is a very practical solution for any user with a microphone connected to a computer but does require fine tuning through its settings.

You can download Noise Blocker from