PotPlayer : Feature Rich Media Player for Windows

PotPlayer is a very well designed media player for Windows. It comes with all the features that are desired from a typical media player. Using PotPlayer, you can enjoy audio and video files on your Windows PC without having to worry about all the codecs that are needed for playing those media files.

PotPlayer is able to harness the power of your graphics card when playing video files on your computer. With the help of the hardware acceleration the videos appear smoother, crispier and rich. It is a treat to watch videos using PotPlayer on a Full-HD or HD-ready screen. It supports all the graphics processor units from NVidia, Intel and AMD. If your system has two cards – one built inside and one added to PCI-Ex then you can choose which of the cards to use.


Like all the video and audio file formats, it also supports many different types of subtitles. You can use the text  subtitles SUB, SMI and SRT as well as DVD subtitles (VobSub). The subtitles for Blu-ray discs can also be used when you are watching videos on PotPlayer.

PotPlayer has a very useful feature using which we can schedule shutdown of the Windows PC at a specific time. This feature is going to come very handy when we are watching a movie very late at night. There is a high chance that we are going to doze off even before the movie is finished. This leaves the PC running all night. You are going to shutdown the Windows only when you wake up in the morning. But with PotPlayer, you can set it to shutdown the PC at a specific time such as 11:30 PM or after a time duration such as after 30 minutes.

PotPlayer has a visually pleasing user interface and supports all the media files or discs that anyone can find. It is able to play 3D and 360° videos as smoothly as the regular videos. We recommend it for all the movie junkies who have a large movie collection of their own.

You can download PotPlayer from https://potplayer.daum.net/.