Pulover Macro Creator : Record and Playback Macros in Windows

Pulover Macro Creator is a macro creator tool for Windows. It is based on the popular AutoHotKey scripting language that is used for automating tasks in Windows. It can be used to generate AutoHotKey style scripts too which can later be converted into standalone EXE files.

The program offers comprehensive user interface for creating scripts. You can use the code editor for manually adding all the actions which are compatible with AutoHotkey. But that is not all, you can also use advanced features such as recording your on-screen actions into the script. This is not limited to just emulating the keyboard and mouse input events through the automation tasks, but you can target various objects on your screen such as open or hidden windows, controls, files, folders, strings and more.

Pulover Macro Creator

Just like in any other programming language, you can use control structures like conditions or loops for various automation tasks. You can also use Win32 API functions for special actions that cannot be done in any other way. But if you do not want to use any advanced actions, then you can just use the macro recorder feature and it will handle the rest.

Pulover Macro Creator is open source and is available for free. It is based on AutoHotkey language and as such all the scripts produced can be exported in the AHK format, used within AutoHotkey itself and can be converted into standalone programs for a Windows PC.

If you have been already using AutoHotKey, then you will find it very easy to use. You can then be able to use advanced features right away. Even if you do not know programming basics, you can use Pulover Macro Creator as it is designed to be easy even for the beginners.

You can download Pulover Macro Creator from https://github.com/Pulover/PuloversMacroCreator/.