Resist Distracting Sites with Impulse Blocker for Firefox

So many of us have been forced to work from home during these days. At first it sounded so cool and we all thought that it would be so much fun and easy. But actually working from home is a continuous struggle to keep yourself from all the distractions, be it family members, TV channels, Netflix shows, Youtube videos or social networks. In the middle of work, we start checking Twitter or Youtube and before we realize that 1 hour has passed us by.

In order to keep all the distractions at bay, we can use a clever Firefox add-on called Impulse Blocker. It does what it actually says – it blocks our impulses to use the time wasting sites during the work hours. Once installed in your Firefox web browser, you can access it from its toolbar icon.

Impulse Blocker for Firefox

In order to block a website distraction, you have to first visit that website, click on the Impulse Blocker icon in the toolbar and then choose to block that website domain. This is it. Now it will block your attempts to visit that website. Now if you try to visit that website, you will see a notice that “Your impulse to block the website has been blocked”.

Impulse Blocker

Now if you are wondering how will you visit those blocked sites in the future, then it is very simple – you can just turn off the Impulse Blocker extension to visit those sites. There are two ways to do this – you can either click on the toolbar icon and toggle it off, or you can pause it for a number of minutes. In both cases, you will be able to visit the blocked distracting websites. Once you are on those websites, you can unblock them too.

Impulse Blocker for Firefox

Impulse Blocker is a must to have add-on for Firefox web browser users who are working from home. It can save your valuable time and remind you that you have to focus on your work instead of all those interesting things on the internet.

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