Save Password Securely with Microsoft Autofill for Chrome

Microsoft Autofill is a new extension for Google Chrome web browser that offers saving of all your passwords using your Microsoft account. Since the credentials are saved with the Microsoft account, they are accessible anywhere on any device when you sign-in using your Microsoft account. Windows 10 users who use a Microsoft account to sign-in to Windows have full access to these credentials.

Other than saving the passwords, Microsoft Autofill also helps the users automatically fill the credentials whenever you visit the login page of the same sites. In order for this to work, you have to visit the exact login page. Visiting the same domain does not necessarily kick in this autofill feature. No matter on which device you have saved the passwords, you can fill them on any of your devices running Windows, macOS, Android or iOS.

After installing the Microsoft Autofill extension in your Chrome browser, you will have to login using your Microsoft account. It could be your Outlook email address or any other supported Microsoft account. Once this is done, it will monitor when you visit a login webpage and will prompt to save your credentials in the Microsoft Autofill. The next time you visit the same site, it will auto-fill the credentials without any hassle.

Microsoft Autofill for Chrome

You can see the saved passwords from Microsoft Autofill settings. The passwords along with the username and the domain names are all listed there. And if you have saved too many credentials then it also allows you to search through them.

Microsoft Autofill for Chrome

In the Microsoft Autofill settings you have options to clear all the saved passwords. This will remove all the saved passwords from Microsoft storage which means they won’t be available on any other device either. You can also import passwords from other browsers or from a file.

Microsoft Autofill for Chrome

Microsoft Autofill can make it very convenient for you to enter the login credentials on any website in the Chrome web browser. It saves time and securely stores the passwords on your Microsoft account.

You can get the Microsoft Autofill extension for Chrome browser from