MULab : Create, Record and Edit Music with Multiple Tracks

When you are recording a simple audio track using your microphone, then perhaps you don’t need an advanced audio recording software – any small audio recorder can do the job. Usually people will suggest Audacity or GoldWave for small and quick audio recording jobs. But when you want to create a professional audio recording with multiple sources mixed in, then you need a professional software like MuLab.

MuLab is a comprehensive music recording studio and can be used to record music, create songs, edit sound-tracks and much more. It works smoothly under both Windows and macOS. Even though it packs so many features in the user interface, it manages to be very user friendly and easy to navigate. The wealth of features in MuLab can only be discovered over a long period of time as you learn about them slowly. They even provide online help with step-by-step instructions and screenshots. Even though not a big problem, but it works better on large size screens as you can see all the tools much more clearly.

MuLab Music Studio

To start a recording or editing session, you have to either record through an input source like MIDI device or microphone, or select audio files like WAV, AIFF or MIDI. You can add multiple effects between these files. It supports time stretching and pitch changing effects. In addition of a myriad of effects, it also features many oscillators with more than 300 waveforms.

MULab offers an advanced audio engine using which you to create, record, edit and play audio and MIDI. It provides high-quality synthesizers. And the best part about it is that it also has support for the popular VST plugins. You can use any of the VST plugins for adding extra features and flexibility to this wonderful audio recording software.

You can download MULab from