Use Google Assistant on Android to Launch Programs in Windows

All Android smartphone users know about Google Assistant using which you can control almost everything on your smartphone. You can launch Google Assistant and basically ask anything, for example, what is the time, how is the weather, who was Charles Dickens, book a flight to Tokyo, launch Skype and so on. It has become so popular that some of the newer Android smartphones have a dedicated Google Assistant button.

And now you can use Google Assistant to launch programs, change setting and run all sorts of commands on your Windows PC. For this to work, you have Google Assistant installed on your smartphone, Push2Run installed on the target PC and you must have a Dropbox account ready. This Dropbox account is used to relay messages from the Android phone to the Windows computer. Instead of Dropbox account, you can also use PushBullet or Pushover accounts. You will have to enter account related information in the Push2Run settings.


Once this setup is ready, you can begin by adding voice commands on your Windows PC in the Push2Run window. You can add the commands, programs, web URLs etc., and associated text that it should listen for. For example, it can be configured to launch Calculator when it listens “Open calculator”. After this is done, you can simply open Google Assistant on your Android phone and ask it to “tell my computer to open calculator”. This will instantly launch calculator on your Windows PC. You can even configure it to use the same voice command on multiple Windows computers.


When properly configured, this setup makes life so easy for the Windows users. You can use Google Assistant for controlling almost everything on your PC. And when you do not want to receive any commands, then you can easily disable the individual commands from the Push2Run user interface.

You can download Push2Run from